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HTML - W3schools

The W3Schools HTML Tutorial is an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn HTML. The tutorial is well-organized, starting with the basics of HTML and gradually building up to more advanced topics. The best thing about this tutorial is that it's self-paced. You can work through the lessons at your speed and review any concepts you may have missed. Each lesson includes examples and interactive exercises to apply what you've learned and test your understanding. The examples provided in the tutorial are clear and easy to follow. The interactive exercises are also great for reinforcing learning and testing understanding. One of the strengths of the W3Schools tutorial is that it covers a wide range of HTML topics. In addition to basic HTML syntax and tags, the tutorial also covers more advanced topics such as forms, tables, and multimedia. The best thing about this tutorial is that it's completely free to use. You don't need to create an account or pay for access, so it's an excellent option for anyone who wants to learn HTML on a budget.
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