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"HTML Basics" by MDN

"HTML Basics" is a comprehensive online guide created by the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) that provides an in-depth overview of the basics of HTML. The guide is designed for beginners who want to learn how to create and structure web pages using HTML. The guide starts with an introduction to HTML and its importance in web development. It then covers the structure of an HTML document and the essential elements that make up an HTML page. The guide discusses different types of HTML elements, their attributes, and how to add text, images, and links to a web page.

One of the strengths of "HTML Basics" is its interactive examples, which are embedded throughout the guide to help readers understand how to use HTML in a practical way. The guide also includes quizzes and exercises to test the reader's knowledge and reinforce key concepts.

Overall, "HTML Basics" is a useful and well-structured resource for anyone looking to learn the basics of HTML. It's especially beneficial for those who are just starting with web development and need a solid foundation in HTML to build upon. The online format also makes it easy to access and learn from anywhere with an internet connection.

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