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Web design has a broad scope, but gaining expertise in the several areas it covers is a rewarding accomplishment. Being able to produce a web design that is pleasing to the eye, user-friendly, and beneficial to both website owners and web user is one of the goals that drive web designers. Studying web design is excellent if you are inclined to design and are keen to create stylish, professional-looking, and dynamic websites. Learn web design techniques, gain new skills in designing and know how to use tools and applications to land your dream job, all while expressing what you are passionate about.



Web Design for Beginners

More than 5h long free course about web design basics. Instructor Adi Purdila will show you web design principles such as typefaces, colors, whitespace, spacing sizing, and much more.

Author: Vasja

Published: Aug 26, 2022

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“ The capacity to learn is a gift;
the ability to learn is a skill;
the willingness to learn is a choice.”
Brian Herbert